Mr. Narwhal

      [email protected]

      New York, New York




Personal Statement:

i think you should hire me to star in this movie because I love the cold weather, and I will do great in the snow with the elfs.


Graduated with scholarships to Buddy’s Arts. Valedictorian at Ocean Blue high school. I have starred in the movie Elf. I also worked as the directors assistant in the movies How to Train a Dragon, Over the Hedge, and Finding Nemo.

Trip to the Moon!


Dear Journal,                                                                                                April 20, 2005

Today was an exciting day for me. Just a few weeks ago i put in an ESSAY for NASA about the moon,  the winner receives a trip to the moon with NASA. They first sent me a letter saying that I didn’t win, but just later today they called telling me that the winner had dropped out. I’M GOING TO THE MOON!


Dear Journal,                                                                                               April 24, 2005

Tomorrow I’m leaving to head to NASA! I’m extremely excited and nervous at the same time. What if i don’t like the space food or when we leave the Earths very last layer ,called the corona, it’s hard for me to breathe, or we crash!? What will i do? I need to call NASA and tell them I’m not going. No, I’ve worked  hard for this. I’m going, I’m going to go! I better go to bed, I need a lot of sleep for tomorrow!


Dear Journal,                                                                                               April 25, 2005

I’m on my way to NASA! I brought everything they told me to bring….. I think. Oh no! out of everything I forgot my shoes! MY SHOES! I can’t believe it! I’m already half way to NASA! Now my mom is going to be mad at me, but i have to have shoes! I need to go, we’re stopping to eat!


Dear Journal,                                                                                              April 26, 2005

I’m in the space shuttle! There is so many buttons in here, i have to try really hard not to hit any! I’ve seen a lot of bright stars, it’s unbelievable! The astronauts has been telling me about the Suns surface, which is called the photosphere. They have been telling me about solar flares, sunspots, and solar flares. They told me that they use the Hertzsprung-Russell or H-R diagram to figure out the temperature and the brightness of a star. While we were on our way to the moon we ran into the ISS! Well I have to go! we’re about to land!!!

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